Suicide Act 1961

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Suicide Act 1961

Suicide Act 1961 

Suicide Act 1961

Suicidal despair


An Act of UK Parliament which:

1. Decriminalised* suicide, but

*It does sound a bit odd that a person so desperate to end his or her life might actually worry that he or she is committing a crime

2. Imposes criminal liability for complicity in another’s suicide with the wording:

(1) A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another, or an attempt by another to commit suicide, shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for up to 14 years.

(2) If on the trial of an indictment for murder or manslaughter. it is proved that the accused aided, abetted, counselled or procured the suicide of the person in question, the jury may find him guilty of that offence (i.e., murder or manslaughter).

Formally 9 & 10 Eliz.2 c.60 

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