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The iOS Genes beta has lots of great features:

Nearly 8,000 Genes

The Genes App is the only physician curated lexicon of genes.

It has nearly 15,000 references

Alpha sorted for finding terms easily

Works on Macs, Windows and the iPhone and iPad




Genes beta – Mac

GENES is designed for scientists and advanced health professionals (medical students, junior doctors, and seniors) who need a few brief textbites of information on a particular gene. Think, CliffsNotes for Genes, and the reader will understand Genes’ raison d’être. Where a defective gene has been linked to one or more inherited conditions, the reader will find the phrase Molecular pathology, followed by the name of the disease(s) or syndrome(s) and its Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) catalogue number. 

As an example, defects of SHH, which encodes Sonic Hedgehog protein, cause:

• Holoprosencephaly 3 (OMIM:142945)

• Laurin-Sandrow syndrome (OMIM:135750)

• Preaxial polydactyly 2 (OMIM:174500) and several other conditions. 

At the end of each entry, the user will find one or two URLs under References which can be copied and pasted into the user’s address bar to jump to the relevant Genecards or UniProt entry for further reading. Given their chicken and egg relationship, the terms gene and gene product (protein) are often used interchangeably. 

The nature of any beta product is such that the developer(s) will identify minor errors that will be corrected before a mature product is released, one of which I just found, specifically on the menu page. This first version has just under 8,000 genes. Whilst 8,000 genes is at least 7,500 more than the user will find in any of the major medical dictionaries in print–e.g., The Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, etc., etc., it is substantially less than the number of genes identified in the HuGO database. The plan is to release the next version each time we add another 2,000, which should be in March of 2018. 

This is part of the Modern Medical Dictionary database which has been under development since 1984. We began releasing focused products from the database in the middle of 2017. The following products are finished and available for use or downloading

• Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms


Editing on the following products is finished

• Dictionary of British Medicine

• Glossary of Suicidology

• Dictionary of Sexology

JC Segen, MD


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