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A&A Mac beta

Over 20,000 Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms

Alpha sorted for finding terms easily

Works on Macs, Windows and the iPhone and iPad

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A&A Mac beta

This is the downloadable A&A Mac beta for the Mac developed in FileMaker Pro.

Welcome to the Abbreviations and Acronyms database mac beta (A&As). This A&A database app is meant to be a resource for students, practitioners, and scientists.

 This is the first product spun off of the Modern Medical Dictionary (MMD) database and is linked to the website www.newmedicalterms.com.

It includes nearly 20,000 A&As terms. Some of these terms have dozens to a hundred or more translations. This material was compiled by a medically qualified doctor (pathologist by training). In fact, many of the updates and entries were drawn from peer-reviewed sources including the Genecards, UniProt and OMIM databases.

Abbreviations and Acronyms database mac beta


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