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The iOS beta has lots of great features:

Over 20,000 Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms

Alpha sorted for finding terms easily

Works on Macs, Windows and the iPhone and iPad

You can email a definition to yourself, and

You can google any abbreviation from within the App

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A&A iOS beta

Welcome to the Abbreviations and Acronyms database iOS beta (A&As). This A&A database app is meant to be a resource for students, practitioners, and scientists.

This is the first product spun off of the Modern Medical Dictionary (MMD) database and is linked to the website www.newmedicalterms.com.

The A&A iOS beta includes nearly 20,000 A&As terms. Some of these terms have dozens to a hundred or more translations.

This material was compiled by a medically qualified doctor (pathologist by training). In fact, many of the updates and entries were drawn from peer-reviewed sources including the Genecards, UniProt and OMIM databases.

A&A beta oaded on an iPhone





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