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New Medical Terms Categories

This website is meant to serve as a browsing platform for those interested in medical lexicography. It includes about 4,500 terms which cover the alpha to omega of medicine and biomedical science, as well as fields marginally linked to healthcare, the latter of which have been poorly covered at best by traditional medical lexicons. Kent Hummel, my webmaster and database guru, recommended organizing the thousands of terms in some fashion, so I came up with seven arbitrarily defined subgroups. All of the definitions/entries on this website fall into one of these 7 groups:

• Classic medicine–e.g., anatomy, oncology, pathology, surgery

• Extrinsic medicine–e.g., alcohol, environment, radiation, toxicology

• Global medicine–e.g., British medicine, human rights, terrorism, tropical medicine

• Media medicine–e.g., medspeak, sexology, vox populi, slang

• Modern medicine–e.g., bariatric medicine, forensic medicine, managed care, transplantation

• Molecular medicine–e.g., cell biology, genetics, metabolism, molecular biology

• Vintage medicine–e.g., anthropology, evolution, history of medicine, obsolete terms

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