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New Medical Terms Categories

The website ( is now 5 years old. It is meant to serve as a browsing platform for those interested in medical lexicography and includes nearly 5000 terms covering the alpha to omega of medicine and biomedical science, as well as fields marginally linked to healthcare, the latter of which have been poorly covered, if at all, by traditional medical lexicons. New Medical Terms categories follows some semblance of organization so I parsed the 5000-ish terms into 7 arbitrarily defined subgroups:

Classic medicine

Modern medicine

Media medicine

Extrinsic medicine

Global medicine

Molecular medicine

Vintage medicine

Once I address some of the more burning issues on the website, release a few more betas of subdatabases and questionnaires and surveys, I’ll get back to blogging. For the moment, the reader can go to Facebook where I usually add a term every day, more often than not with an image.