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kiss and run fusion 

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kiss and run fusion


A fanciful term for a type of exocytosis in which a synaptic vesicle docks and temporarily fuses (“kisses) at a porosome in the presynaptic membrane, releasing its content-e.g., neurotransmitters at the synapse, then uncouples. 
Kiss and run advantages over full fusion (in which the vesicle completely collapses):

(1) The vesicle can be reused, and 

(2) The amount of content released can be controlled, depending on the length of the “kiss”.

Examples of sites of kiss and run exocytosis  Pancreatic beta cells and other endocrine and neuroendocrine cells, hippocampus, inner membrane of mitochondria 


• Calcium-dependent actin coating  of vesicles

• Myosin II regulates fusion pore dynamics

• Possibly, SNARE proteins 

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 2, 738-748 (October 2001) doi:10.1038/35096009

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