The gene on chromosome 6p25-p24 that encodes neural precursor cell expressed—developmentally down-regulated 9 (OMIM: 602265, UniProtKB: Q14511), a widely expressed docking protein which mediates protein-protein interactions for signal transduction pathways. It serves as a scaffold to regulate signaling complexes involved in cell attachment, migration, invasion, apoptosis and the cell cycle. It may function in transmitting growth control signals between focal adhesions at the cell periphery and the mitotic spindle in response to adhesion or growth factor signals initiating cell proliferation and may play an important role in integrin beta-1 or B cell antigen receptor-mediated signaling in B- and T-cells. 

Synonyms Crk-associated substrate related protein Cas-L, enhancer of filamentation 1, CASS2, enhancer of filamentation 1 p55, HEF1, p130Cas-related protein, CASL,  CasL, neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down-regulated protein 9, NEDD-9, renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-12, CRK-associated substrate-related protein, Cas scaffolding protein family member 2, CAS2, p105, cas-like docking


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