Ebola SWAT team

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Ebola SWAT team

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Ebola SWAT team


A term of art coined by the Obama Administration for either of two types of teams that would be deployed urgently–i.e., à la SWAT* team—to sites and hospitals needing Ebola expertise to either:

•Special Weapons And Tactics

(1) Prepare hospitals in cities deemed most likely to see new cases of Ebola, a viral infection with a 50% to 75% mortality rate, a task assigned to the Fast Assessment and Support Team (FAST), or

(2) Help a hospital respond to a new case of Ebola, which are known as CERTS—CDC Ebola Response Teams), and consist of 10-20 people who can be sent to any hospital with a new case

Reference http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2805316/New-Ebola-response-squads-standby-rush-new-case-identified-reveals-CDC.html#ixzz3HV9ZgVLJ

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