car surfing

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car surfing 

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car surfing


A danger sport in which one or more individuals perform stunts, including “surfing” atop the bonnet/hood, roof or boot/trunk or hang from an open window or door of a moving car, truck or other vehicle. 

Those who fall off their surrogate surfboards suffer abrasions, lacerations, concussions, brain contusions, skull and other fractures, neck injuries, internal bleeding, paralysis, and death–58% of reported cases of car surfing were fatal. Injuries may also occur when the effect of external factors–e.g., passing vehicles, unexpected speedbumps, or poles and fences near the road are not considered. The good news is that because only serious injuries or fatalities come to the attention of authorities, the reported 58% fatality rate may be high. Per the CDC–Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 5 deaths are reported/year in the US; the typical victim is male, under age 20, working on a six pack of beer and from the South—i.e., is a dumb, drunk redneck.

Synonym Urban surfing


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