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A generic term for a carbonated beverage that is sweetened with either artificially sweeteners–e.g., saccharin or aspartame–average < 5 calories, or with glucose or fructose–average 170 calories, purchased in cans or bottles or served from a tap. 

Adverse effects on health

• Carbonation is associated with dental erosion, osteoporosis, increased risk of fractures, and kidney stones

• Sweeteners–sugar or artificial–are linked to obesity and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

• Sugar-sweetened soft drinks are associated with a 20% increased risk of coronary heart disease and adverse changes in lipids, inflammatory factors, and leptin–increased triglycerides, C-reactive protein, IL6, TNFr1, TNFr2, decreased HDL, Lp(a), and leptin; artificially sweetened beverages are not associated with these adverse changes. 

Synonyms Coke, cola, fizzy drink, pop, soda pop, soft drink, sugary drink, tonic

Reference CIRCULATIONAHA.111.067017 doi: 10.1161/

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