pink slime

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pink slime

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pink slime


A popular term for a cheap, low-quality meat filler, which comprised up to 70% of ground beef sold in the US as of 2012.

Pink slime is produced by BPI, Inc, which takes low-grade trimmings–from the cow bits most susceptible to contamination, often close to the hide, which is exposed to faecal matter–from the meat production line that would otherwise be wasted, disinfects the scaps with ammonium hydroxide and produces a pinkish gloppy goo fancifully likened to Playdough, which is used for hamburgers sold in various fast food emporia. 

Yum! After an exposé by Brit chef Jamie Oliver and ABC news, BPI closed three of its four plants and for a while, teetered on banruptcy. Fast forward to 2015: BPI has re-opened one of the plants, clearly selling their snot to a lot. For the record, pink slime is banned for human consumption in the UK and other places more civilised than the US. 


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