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Native American diet 

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Native American diet


A popular term for a healthful diet based on what the land provided to Native Americans before the white man’s arrival: game–e.g., deer, turkey, etc, fish, and plants– e.g., corn, berries, and nuts.

The diet of Native Americans depended on the weather, climate and the foods within the tribe’s natural boundaries of mountains, oceans, rivers, and plains. Hunting, fishing, farming and foraging provided food until the white man came and screwed them. Now, only 10% of Native Americans have a healthful diet; 62% have diets that are too high in fat, which explains the high incidence of heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and type 2 diabetes in Native Americans. Only 21% eat the recommended amount of fruit. They are four times more likely to report not having enough to eat than other U.S. households

Synonym Nutrition in pre-colonial America


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