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Monster Thickburger

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Monster Thickburger


An unapologetic paean to dietary decadence produced by Hardee’s, Inc, which can rightly be called the Hummer of hamburgers. This coronary on a bun weighs in at 1,340 calories and has 2/3 pound of meat, 96 g of fat of which 34 are saturated, 14 g of sugar, and 3,130 mg of sodium–by far besting its burger brethren.

When the Monster Thickburger launched in 2004, it weighed in at 1420 calories, 107 g of fat, of which 41 were saturated, and had 2,840 mg of sodium.

Throw in large fries and a 16-ounce whatever and, like a reticulated python who just scarfed down a pair of yipping shih tzus, you can skip a few meals. This item warrants inclusion as it is as much a social commentary as it is a comestible, launching as it did in the midst of a popular groundswell against the fast food industry. The Romans had their vomitoria. Will this be what future anthropologists point to as the beginning of America’s end?


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