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migraine diet 


Migraine diet is a popular term for any diet low in foods known to trigger headaches including migraines.

Such diets work better in theory than in practice. Diet is not a valid treatment for migraine.

Foods that trigger migraine attacks

Aged or strong cheese

Citrus fruits

Fatty or fried foods

Chocolate, nuts

Monosodium glutamate

Food dyes, additives

Pickled herring, chicken livers

Ice cream

Yoghurt, sour cream

Meat and vegetable extracts

Pork and seafood

Canned figs, broad beans, tomatoes

Caffeine-containing drinks (coffee, tea, all “cola” soft drinks)

Caffeine withdrawal

Alcoholic drinks (red wine, beer)

Aspartame, nitrites, sulfites.

Per JG Millichap, Pediatric Neurologist, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago
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