fast food

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fast food

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fast food


Definition Prepared food from a restaurant that specialises in providing a full meal in a few minutes, often given to the customer via a drive-through window. Such meals often consist of a permutation of hamburger or chicken, French fries (pommes frites, chips), and a soft drink or a milkshake.

Note: 20+% of the 300 million Americans consume one or more fast food (FF) meals/day; FF chains have moved to alter their nutritionally negative image by reducing cholesterol and saturated fats, replacing butter with margarine, switching to low-fat milks, replacing cheeses with carrots and reducing calories in salads; a diet consisting solely of FF overloads the body with protein, fat, calories, salt, and highly saturated vegetable–e.g., palm, coconut, oils and is low in vitamins, minerals, and fibre.


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