popcorn diet

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popcorn diet 

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popcorn diet


Any of a number of fad diets in which popcorn is consumed either as a low-calorie snack or as a replacement for entire meals.

The original popcorn diet (The Popcorn Plus Diet) was formulated by J Herskowitz, MD. Key features include setting of a reasonable goal for weight loss, and the ad lib consumption of air-detonated popcorn as a replacement for other calorie-drenched snacks.  

Popcorn diet 


• Popcorn is high in dietary fibre

• Hot-air popcorn is ultra low in calories and fat.

• Popcorn is available in several varieties


• Popcorn has more calories and fat than potato chips, especially with added butter

• Salted popcorn is extremely high in sodium.

• Popcorn by itself is boring, inviting “add-ons”–e.g., butter.

• Corn blocks B vitamin absorption*

*Extreme vitamin B deficiency has been linked to rashes, depression, anaemia, memory loss, low energy levels.

• Corn is allergenic

• Corn may rarely trigger anaphylaxis

References The Popcorn Plus Diet, Pharos Books, 1987, NYC

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