Bible diet

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Bible diet

Bible diet


Definition A quack diet based on the belief that certain foods are either forbidden (unclean/prohibited) or accepted (clean/permitted) by God.

Rubin is NOT a real doctor, but rather a naturopath, as evidenced his degree NMD (it should be ND, but let’s not quibble). The decision as to which foods are clean and which are not appears somewhat arbitrary, not to mention complicated and kooky. As examples, shellfish are out, but grasshoppers and locusts are in; fruits are out, but berries and citrus in; corn, bread and pasta are out, but barley wheat and rye in; ostrich, emu and pork are out, but deer, elk and caribou in. Because there are no peer-reviewed data in the scientific literature and US FDA had Rubin remove some of the labels on his products for making unsubstantiated claims, caveat emptor, caveat lector, and caveat comendente

Synonyms Jordan S Rubin diet, Maker’s diet, Rubin diet 


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