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diabetes food pyramid 

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The diabetes food pyramid (DFP) is a schematic diagram modelled after the USDA’s food pyramid, that reflects current medical thought as to what foods diabetics should eat and how much in each food group they should eat every day.

At the base of the DFP are grains, beans and starchy vegetables–6 + servings; further up the pyramid are vegetables–3 to 5 and fruits–2 to 4; further up is milk and meat–2 to 3 servings each; highly restricted foods at the pinnacle are fats, sweets, and alcohol 

Synonyms Diabetes mellitus food pyramid, high carb diet food pyramid 

Reference http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ojWWmWV0yo4/TzAbe3lpPsI/ AAAAAAAAAEs/Cmx3ptizt-4/s1600/food_pyramid_big.jpg

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