protein drink

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protein drink 

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protein drink


A protein-rich nutritional supplement beverage which is popular with body builders.

Protein drinks are produced from various protein-rich sources including whey–high concentration of cysteine–important in glutathione synthesis, casein–high in glutamine–allegedly helps muscle recovery and casomorphin–allegedly has an opioid effect, soy–contains isoflavones with a weak oestrogenic effect, egg whites–best for lactose-intolerant muscle-heads, and hemp–high in hemp oil which contains essential fatty acids

The medical community has criticised protein shakes as unnecessary for most of the people who consume them, given that the average diet has enough protein. The human body can metabolise up to 9 grams of protein/hour. Excessive protein intake can cause weight gain, kidney problems, or diarrhoea. Consumer Reports found that some bodybuilding protein shakes purchased in metro New York exceeded standards for heavy metals. 

Synonym Amino acid drink 


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