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breast milk ice cream 

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breast milk ice cream


A self-explanatory term for milk made from mommas’ mammas, which was available for a limited time in 2011 at the Icecreamist in Covent Garden, London 

The person who said British entrepreneurship was dead, clearly had not met Matt O’Connor, The Icecreamist’s CEO, who launched breast milk ice cream in 2011 as Baby Gaga. Press he got aplenty, both for the name–THE Lady Gaga unleashed her legal pit bulls and Baby Gaga was rebranded as the relatively toothless Baby GooGoo, and for the product itself. To ensure its safety, O’Connor et al screened the cows (sic) donating the moo juice for hepatitis and other diseases and paid them £15/10 ounces enough for 10-20 servings, for which he charged an eye- (and presumably also mouth-) watering £14 each. I couldn’t figure out from the company’s distinctly edgy website whether breast milk ice cream is still on offer. I kinda doubt it; if I was on the local Health Board, I’d have grave concerns…


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