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pathogen reduction technology


Definition A self-explanatory term for a proactive technology designed to reduce the quantity of viable pathogenic microorganisms in a system. The goal of the technology is to achieve sufficient pathogen reduction to minimise or prevent the likelihood of disease transmission while preserving adequate cell and protein quality. It must also be non-toxic, non-mutagenic and simple to use.

One such system, the Mirasol® Pathogen Reduction Technology–PRT for platelets and plasma uses riboflavin plus UV light to induce damage in nucleic acid-containing agents, which is effective against clinically relevant pathogens and inactivates leukocytes without significantly compromising the efficacy of the product or resulting in product loss. 

References Transfus Med Hemother. Feb 2011; 38(1): 8–18.
Published online Jan 31, 2011. doi:  10.1159/000324160 

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