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Marcus Welby syndrome 

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Marcus Welby, MD and sidekick


An Americanism for a number of “conditions”, based on different aspects of the television series, Marcus Welby, MD, which aired in the USA from 1969 to 1976, starring Robert Young as an avuncular old school doctor viewed as typical of an earlier era of medicine 

Marcus Welby “syndromes”

• The delusion that everyone in medicine is friendly and miracle cures are the norm

Reference Boca Raton News 13.08.1975, p3A

• The delusion that one doctor can do it all, and provide outstanding care, including spot-on diagnostics, flawless and uncomplicated medical and surgical therapy, and shoulder the nursing tasks of preparing patients for surgery, 24-hour surveillance, home visits, emotional support, teaching, and supervising nursing staff

Reference J Adv Nursing, 1986; 11:179-195

• The desire by patients to be treated as a whole person by a family doctor, rather than as an organ or organ system by a specialist

Reference NY Times 6/2/94; C1

• A permutation of the so-called disease of the week syndrome, which is said to affect medical students who, when they learn the details about a new (new to them) disease, find that they are suffering therefrom.

This particular Marcus Welby syndrome refers to patients who found that they had symptoms of the disease that was the theme of that week’s episode of Marcus Welby, MD and felt that they needed to stop by the ER and have it checked out


Synonym Welby syndrome 


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