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incapacitated physician


Definition An incapacitated physician who one who is functionally limited, as defined by the code of the jurisdiction in which the term incapacitation is applied. The State of Utah definition [75-1-201 (22), Utah Uniform Probate Code, below] is probably as good as any.

“Incapacitated” or “incapacity” is measured by functional limitations and means a judicial determination after proof by clear and convincing evidence that an adult’s ability to do the following:

(a) receive and evaluate information;

(b) make and communicate decisions; or

(c) provide for necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, health care, or safety, 

is impaired to the extent that the individual lacks the ability, even with appropriate technological assistance, to meet the essential requirements for financial protection or physical health, safety, or self-care.

This definition differs substantially from handicapped physician, as the latter has learned coping mechanisms and functional adaptations which allow him or her to function as a physician 

Synonym Incapacitated doctor  


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