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CV weighing 


CV weighing is a popular term for the evaluation of a candidate for a hospital or academic appointment based on the thickness or “weight” of his or her curriculum vitae/CV

Note: A creative report in a cutting edge journal e.g., Cell, Nature or Science outweighs many reports in highly specialised–often a euphemism for second-string–journals. CV-weighing equates quality with quantity, and may pressure a researcher to either

(1) Unbundle the research, i.e., separate various aspects of the experimental question(s) and report them individually, an exercise termed salami slicing, in order to fatten his/her/its CV or

(2) Compromise the scientific ethic, and commit acts ranging in degree from the seemingly innocuous fixing of data, to the extremely rare, overt fabrication of data. To resolve this dilemma, some academic institutions are evolving towards using the Institute of Scientific Information’s Citation Impact, or evaluating a researcher’s innovativeness, to determine whether an appointment and promotion is merited.    


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