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Turing test 

Turing test Blade Runner image from New Medical Terms

Turing test, Rachel in Blade Runner


A test of artificial intelligence–AI devised by UK mathematician, Alan Turing (1912-1954), who predicted in 1950 that by 2000, a computer could be programmed so that after 5 minutes of questioning, the average interrogator would not have more than a 70% chance of telling whether he was talking to a machine or a human.

The state of AI has advanced to the point that for the Loebner Prize–a platform for Turing Tests–the interaction time to take home the gold is 25 minutes. Each year, the best system relative to the other competitors is awarded a bronze medal and $4000; a silver medal and $25,000 would go to the AI system that could “trick” half of the judges, and the gold medal and a $100,000 prize would go to the system that lasts 25 minutes and the judges can’t tell whether they were interacting with man or machine. So far, no one’s has gotten the gold.

Hollywood weighed in with its own version of the Turing test in the 1982 Sci Fi classic Blade Runner, in which Rachel was a cyborg who was so well programmed that she nearly passed retired cop, Rick Deckard’s Turing test. She didn’t know she wasn’t human.

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