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news embargo arrangement 


An agreement between the lay media—newspapers, television, radio—and the science media–e.g., scientific/medical journals, in which newsworthy stories about major therapeutic advances or diseases, are not publicly disseminated until physicians or scientists who receive the journal(s) have had enough time to evaluate the results of a trial, study, or other data.

Once a member of the media breaks the silence, as occurred in the “Reuters News Agency/aspirin” case, the rest of the media stampedes with the story. Articles from the New England Journal of Medicine–NEJM are not reported by the electronic news media until Wednesday afternoon, and by the paper news media Thursday morning. When the Ingelfinger rule has been waived (because the information is deemed important–i.e., of potential benefit for patient management), the authors may choose to either report or not report the information in accordance with the NEJM’s policies. 

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