go down

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go down  


verb To interrupt the flow of information in a computer–e.g., to or from the central processing unit1 which usually refers to larger computer systems. When the information flow is restored, it is said to be “back up”2

1The distinction between microcomputers and minicomputers has been abolished as “microcomputers” (formerly, PCs) are now far faster than legacy systems 2It is worthy to note the difference between the noun back-up, which in information science commonly refers to a copy of a set of data, often stored in a magnetic medium–e.g., a disk and the verb back up, as indicated above, as their written form differs only in the presence in the former of a dash–– between work segments  


A colloquial term, to engage in oral sexuoerotic activity, as in, he/she/it went down on she/he/it 

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