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cancer immunotherapy


Definition Cancer immunotherapy (CIT) refers to the harnessing of the immune system’s inherent specificity to destroy cancer cells, a therapeutic strategy which is regarded as the fourth* weapon against cancer. Current CITs include antibodies against T cell receptors and genetically engineered T cells that target tumour cells.

*The first three weapons, surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, carry risks and may destroy healthy tissue in addition to the malignant cells. 

Strategies, CIT

• Immunostimulants

• Monoclonal antibodies, linked either to 

– Immunotoxins, or  

– Radioimmunotherapy

• Cancer therapy with T cells, either as 

– Allografts of T cells or 

– Autografts of T cells–tumour-infiltrating lymphocyte

• Cancer vaccines

References Science 2013; 342:14 

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