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autoimmune firestorm 

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autoimmune firestorm


A term used on the TV medical drama, House, MD–Series 5, Episode 21, Savioursreferring to the unleashing of a pulmonary autoimmune Götterdämmerung in a patient after exposure to solvents.

The term was coined by a clever scriptwriter and has no formal medical definition. While the link between solvent exposure and autoimmune disorders–e.g., systemic sclerosis, and undifferentiated connective tissue might be statistically significant, the studies are not particularly robust. The positive association, if it exists, is tempered by poor reproducibility, inability to identify culpable solvents and lack of linearity between levels of exposure and risk of disease. On aggregate, existing studies do not support a causal link between solvents and autoimmune disease.  

References Arthritis Res. 2000; 2(1): 5–15

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