pole dancing

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pole dancing image from New Medical Terms

pole dancing

pole dancing


A sensual form of exotic dancing more akin to gymnastics than dancing, which is performed around a fixed vertical pole in men’s clubs.

To do it well requires skill, strength, flexibility and endurance, not to mention a lean body, which is generally pearls before the boozy swine that frequent strip clubs, for whom the gymnastics are of less interest than the striptease, Go-Go, and/or lap dancing. Pole dancing (top image) is a form of exercise and can be used for aerobic and anaerobic workouts, also seen with Poles dancing (bottom image). 

Poles dancing image from New Medical Terms

Poles dancing

Injuries Falls, concussions, paralysis

Note: This is the most physically demanding form of exotic dancing and the most dangerous. It is ill-advised for those who are overweight, unfit, or who have had too much to drink, for whom the law of gravity is never repealed and horizontal surfaces rarely forgiving

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