The process of disposing of the casualties of a division or comparable unit of military personnel–i.e., getting rid of the bodies. Treatment is incidental to the concept of clearing. 

Clearing is not to be confused with hospitalisation


The alleged removal from a therapeutic crystal or gemstone, of vibrations or “imprints” from individuals who had previous contact with the crystal, before re-using it for crystal therapy.

“Clearing” is based on the delusion that sounds, light, emotions, thoughts, and the physical environment can leave energy traces on therapeutic crystals. It is accomplished by soaking the stones in salt water, sea salt, passing them through a flame, smoke, or running water, or burying them in the ground for a period of time. Needless to say, there are no peer-reviewed data that even vaguely suggest that gem therapy does anything but line the pockets of so-called gem therapists. 

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