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B-17 bomber



A regional street term for a large joint–marijuana cigarette


A military aircraft designed to attack land and sea targets by dropping bombs on them.

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suicide bombervest

Military (air-borne) bomber types

• Strategic bombers–which bomb strategic targets–e.g., supply bases, bridges, factories, shipyards, and cities, to damage an enemy’s war effort. As a rule, strategic bombers delivery bigger payloads from higher altitudes and are thus less “surgical” or precise. Obviously, these are of greater concern for medical personnel on the ground given the greater and less discriminate damage .

• Tactical bombers–which specifically bomb military targets and installations


A person who detonates an explosive with the intent of killing others

e.g., military personnel or civilians, often to advance a political agenda.

Typically, a bomberstraps explosives to himself to reduce detection, and expects to die upon detonation. 

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