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Hybrid fields of Medicine

Definition As here defined, a hybrid field of medicine is one that bridges at least two areas of practice or interest, typically managing patients in non-traditional settings, with potentially confounding factors that may affect physiologic and/or neuropsychiatric responses.

In hybrid practice, the physician attempts to provide standard diagnostic and therapeutic medicine in an unnatural substrate or environment. In correctional medicine, the patients were determined in a court of law to be criminals, so one can’t always trust them to tell the truth. In aviation and aerospace medicine, one must adjust the care given to take into account altered barometric pressure. In mountain medicine, individuals typically reside for a period of time at higher altitudes to acclimatise themselves to the thinner air before climbing a peak of interest. In military medicine, doctors are called upon to address the results of gunfire and explosions and the psychiatric aftermath of being good soldiers. Each hybrid field presents a set of circumstances that alter the care given. 

Military Medicine

Correctional Medicine

Aerospace Medicine