Seven Deadly Myths

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Seven Deadly Myths 


The title of a report by the Alliance for Aging Research, which was based on 33 US studies that focused on the quality and type of care given to the elderly in their final year

These erroneous beliefs/myths stigmatize older Americans as an intolerable burden on society and could affect policy-making decisions as baby-boomers age. It is a formal response to the “set them adrift on an ice flow” contingent. 

Seven Deadly Myths

• Older people often receive heroic high-tech treatment before they die

• Most people die in hospitals hooked up to life support devices

• Aggressive hospital care for the elderly is futile and wastes money

• Advance directives would resolve ‘aggressiveness’ of terminal care

• Limits on terminal health care would save Medicare significant amounts of money

• An ageing population is responsible for increasing health care costs

• Elder care will eventually overwhelm and bankrupt the nation 

Reference Geriatrics 1997 Oct;52(10):9-10

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