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A portmanteau of middle-aged and adolescence used to describe restless middle-aged baby boomers (ranging from age 35-60) who deal with the negatives of frustration, burnout, boredom, confusion and alienation, and the daunting positives of self-discovery, new directions and beginnings.

It’s variably described as adolescence the second time around and a time of hot flashes, midlife crises and midlife magic

Per Harvard Business Review, “…these “middlescents” are between 34 and 54 years of age and represent the most disaffected segment of the workforce. Thirty percent work 50+ hours yet only 33% feel energized by their jobs. They make up 50% of the work force in most companies. Neglect their discontent and you risk losing valued employees who seek excitement elsewhere. Disaffected middlescents who stay because they need the money take an even worse toll. Their lack of energy, innovation, and focus erode your company’s productivity.”

Reference Harvard Business Online 11.10.2007, 12:45PM EST hotmiddlescence.com/

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