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spontaneous human combustion 

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spontaneous human combustion (???)


A process in which a human body allegedly catches fire as a result of heat generated by internal chemical activity…without evidence of an external source of ignition. 200 cases have been reported world-wide, with Ireland weighing in with its first case on 23.09.2011.

Not all scientists are convinced this is a real phenomenon, and regard it as an urban legend. 

Spontaneous Human Combustion, common features

• Body is completely or almost completely incinerated, but nearby furniture which would normally have been damaged at such temperatures remains intact

• Damage is limited to victim’s clothing, floor or furniture where they died, and ceiling above  corpse

• Fire affects torso; any remaining bits are of the extremities, such as the feet

• No traces of fire accelerant or evidence of external cause

• Victim is typically alone at time of death, and thought to have been alive when the fire started

• No sign of struggle

Reference uk.news.yahoo.com/coroner-rules-irish-man-died-of-spontaneous-combustion.html

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