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magic bullet theory 


The magic bullet theory is a posit argued ad infinitum* regarding a bullet—Warren Commission Exhibit 399—that was found at President John F Kennedy’s assassination which allegedly struck both JFK and Governor Connally.

Note: In the US, the proposal that the John F Kennedy assassination was a government conspiracy, while virtually devoid of scientific facts and supporters in the forensic science community, has become an entertainment industry a sui generis that no longer needs facts for self-perpetuation. Proponents of the JFK assassination-as-conspiracy theory have suggested that bullet 399 was pristine and could not have performed the seemingly magical feat of entering 2 men (as concluded by the Warren Commission). Rifle range simulations firing 6.5-mm Western Cartridge Company bullets from Lee Harvey Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano firearm at gelatin-filled skulls resulted in slug deformations and projected trajectories similar to that pieced together by forensic experts of the Warren Commission.  

Synonym Single bullet theory

*et ad absurdum et ad nauseam