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Lopatka—Sharon Rina

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Lopatka—Sharon Rina


Definition An American woman who died from consensual homicide committed by Robert Glass, who she’d contacted to torture her and, based on emails discovered by police, was prepared to meet her death in the process. Glass obliged during what was a several-day orgy of sadomasochism and mutual sexual gratification.

Per Glass, Lopatka’s death was accidental as it occurred whilst he was strangling her…at her wish. Psychologists involved in the case cited it as one of the earliest examples of the so-called Mardi Gras phenomenon, in which a person who spends significant time on the internet indulging in “dark” fantasies and practices, adopts multiple personas to avoid detection and/or censure. 

Pardon me for stating the obvious: you can’t make up this shit
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