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equivocal death


Definition A generic term for a death in which there are unanswered questions regarding the manner or, far less commonly, the cause of death, which can be summarised as four basic questions:

• Suicide vs. Accident?

• Suicide vs. Homicide?

• Accident vs. Suicide?

• Accident vs. Homicide?

Comment The manner of death may be questioned by family members wanting closure or remuneration from an insurance policy, triggering either

(1) An equivocal death analysis, in which the official investigation is reviewed to determine whether proper protocols were followed, or

(2) An equivocal death investigation, in which the official records, reports and photographs form the basis for a new investigation of the physical and circumstantial evidence.

Reference http://www.pinow.com/articles/1707/the-question-of-suicide-equivocal-death-investigations

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