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deductive criminal profiling 


An objective style of criminal profiling in which the profiler maintains an open mind, questions all assumptions, premises, and opinions, and demands collaboration from all those involved in solving a particular crime.

Deductive profiling-DP requires objectivity, knowledge, and critical thinking skills to try to understand the offender’s behaviours and patterns. DP incorporates all forms of forensic analysis–e.g., wound analysis, blood stain pattern analysis, and bullet trajectory analysis; crime scene information including photos, victim and witness statements, and a thorough study of the victim. DP assesses crime scene characteristics to differentiate between modus operandi and signature behaviours unique to a crime but not necessary to commit it, and tries to derive inferences about the offender’s state of mind while planning the crime and committing it, the level of skill, victim selection, fantasy, motivation, and degree of risk taken.

Synonym Behavioural evidence analysis 

References Am J Psychiatry 2000;157:1532-1534. 10.1176/appi.ajp.157.9.1532 

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