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choke shotgun



noun The narrowing of the cylinder bore of a shotgun at the muzzle, which minimises the spread of shot as it leaves the barrel.

Note: Shotguns cause the messiest of firearms-related homicides and suicides. Tissue devastation increases as the distance from the muzzle to the target decreases. Choke (CK) is usually expressed as percentage of shot that falls within a 30 inch–76 cm circle at 40 yards–36.5 m; ± 70% for a full CK shotgun, ± 60% for a medium CK weapon; < 20% for a sawed-off shotgun


air choke image from New Medical Terms

air CK

Energy block, see there


verb To intentionally obstruct the upper airways of another person by external compression, typically at the level of the trachea (image, left).


verb To suffer a sensation of, or actual, obstruction of the upper airways, as in, the patient choked on a bolus of unchewed food

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