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bathtub electrocution


An electrocution that occurs when a live and/or ungrounded electrical appliance falls in an occupied water-filled bathtub.

The classic (Hollywood classic, that is…it was in What Women Want and countless other movies) appliance to which bathtub electrocution is linked is the hairdrier, which rarely, if ever, occurs in ground-faulted electrical wiring. This alleged connection was debunked by Mythbusters, an American TV show. That said, two young girls died in Austria in 2009 when a hairdrier took a dive into the tub. But they were 4 and 6, and hardly expected to know better; how does one explain airhead Flavia Maria Boricea, a 17-year-old Romanian lass whose laptop battery died, whilst she was Twittering in the bubbles. La Boricea plugged in the charger and the silly twit missed her last Tweet. 

Synonym Bathtub-related electrocution 

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