A cancer prevention study evaluating the efficacy of antioxidants–e.g., selenium, vitamin E–in preventing prostate cancer.

Conclusion The initial data, reported in late 2008, indicated that neither selenium nor vitamin E prevented prostate cancer in healthy men. Two trends were noted: a small increase in prostate cancers in men taking only vitamin E, and a small increase in diabetes in men taking only selenium. Follow-on studies in 2011 confirmed the uptick (17%) in prostate cancer in men taking only vitamin E, at which time vitamin E supplements were stopped.

Logistics Randomised, placebo-controlled trial of 35,533 men from 427 medical centres in North America and Puerto Rico randomised to 4 groups (selenium; vitamin E; selenium + vitamin E; placebo)  

Abbreviation for SELenium and vitamin E Cancer prevention Trial


JAMA 2009;301(1):39-51doi:10.1001/jama.2008.864 

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