A trial assessing the effect of direct nitric oxide donors–linsidomine and molsidomine on angiographic restenosis post balloon angioplasty

Primary endpoint 6-month death, non-fatal MI and revascularisation

Conclusion Angiographic improvement, slightly decrease in rate of restenosis

Abbreviation for Angioplastie Coronaire, CORvasal & Diltiazem

Reference Circulation 1997;95:83-89


A trial assessing the effects of tight control of serum glucose–with rosiglitazone, LDL-cholesterol, blood pressure control and therapy intended to increase HDL-cholesterol and lower triglycerides, on cardiovascular risks for type 2 diabetics. 

Conclusion Tight control of blood pressure and lipid levels don’t reduce cardiovascular events in adult diabetics. The trial was ended early due to higher risk of death and cardiovascular events in the group with intensive glycaemic control. 

Abbreviation for Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes

Reference (data from 2010)


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