Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats

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Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats

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Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats


An animal model selectively bred to prefer alcohol, which is used to study pathophysiologic and neurobehavioural aspects of alcohol use. Sardianian alcohol-preferring rats have been used to study alcohol’s effects on pregnancy and the circadian rhythm, as well as reactivity to aversive stimuli.

Whereas exogeneous and endogenous CCK inhibit ethanol ingestion, activation of σ-receptor induces binge-like drinking.

Their name notwithstanding, the rats actually appear to prefer chocolate and sugar to alcohol. 

Synonyms Alcoholic rats, Sardinian ethanol-preferring rats 

Referencse Neuropsychopharmacology 2011 May; 36(6):1207-18. PMC 3079320

Alcohol. 1997 Nov-Dec;14(6):611-5.

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