pilot study

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pilot study  


Definition A term of art for an investigation used to assess exposure or possible public health impact by defining health problems requiring further investigation through epidemiological studies, environmental monitoring or sampling, surveillance, or registries.

Reference ATSDR 


Definition A generic term for:

(1) An early clinical trial, usually of a form of therapy, in which a small, highly select group of patients with a particular disease are treated with the agent of interest.

A pilot study serves to test a hypothesis based on a presumed pathogenesis–e.g., isotretinoin, which is known to attenuate the spontaneous proliferation of leukemic GM-CFUs–granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming units and decrease the sensitivity of these cells to GM-CSF

(2) A study of a particular effect in an in vitro or an in vivo model

Reference NEJM 1994; 331:1680oa


A preliminary study designed to evaluate the effect of a particular change in policy or practice.

Reference JAMA 1999; 281:2043pp 

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