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lead crystal


Glass–e.g., decanters, wine glasses, made with lead (which imparts desirable visual qualities and is up to 32% lead by weight). The lead leaches into the beverages in the containers, causing lead poisoning.

Lead additives increase the density, durability, and brilliance of glass. The concentrations of lead in spirits (e.g., port, brandy) stored in lead crystal may be as high as 21,530 µg/L–! in brandy stored for ≥ 5 years. The US EPA’s maximum allowable level of lead in drinking water is ≤ 50µg/L

In 1991, the FDA issued warnings on consumption of drinks stored in leaded crystal, expressly recommending that children and pregnant women not drink liquids or foods stored therein.

Synonym Leaded crystal 

Reference Lancet 1991; 337:141  

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