acceptable risk

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acceptable risk


The risk* in a clinical trial that is regarded as justifiable, based on a cost-benefits analysis, which differs depending on the condition for which a product is being tested.

*To one’s health, risk of death, etc. A product for sore throat, for example, will be expected to have few side effects. On the other hand, adverse side effects would be an acceptable risk for a drug that manages a life-threatening and rapidly evolving condition–e.g., stage IV melanoma. 



The degree to which the probability of suffering disease or injury under a specific set of circumstances is viewed as being reasonable by an individual, group, or society in exchange for the benefits of using a particular substance or process that will cause disease or injury.

Acceptability of risk depends on scientific data, social, economic, and political factors, and on the perceived benefits arising from a chemical or process that creates the risk in question. 

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