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redundant publication 


An irresponsible practice which occurs when two or more papers (research communications), share the same hypothesis, data, discussion points, or conclusions, without full cross-reference

The reasons for preventing redundant publication (RP) are not arbitrary…multiple reports of the same observations can overemphasize the importance of the findings, overburden busy reviewers, fill the medical literature with inconsequential material, and distort the academic reward system’ NEJM 1995; 333:449.

RP is usually perpetrated by a small group of authors who want to get the most academic mileage from a relatively small study. RP contrasts with polypublication of ‘mega-studies’–e.g., the GUSTO–Global Utilisation of Streptokinase and Tissue plasminogen activator for Occluded coronary arteries trial, the Framingham Heart Study, and others, in which the population being studied is enormous and the data of such complexity that splitting the results into multiple sound bites of information is appropriate. 


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