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Baby K 


An anencephalic infant (October 1992-April 1995) born in Virginia who became a poster child for an array of ethical issues.

Background Anencephaly was diagnosed in Baby K prenatally; the obstetrician and neonatologist advised termination of pregnancy. The mother chose to continue the pregnancy, based on her fundamentalist Christian belief that all life should be protected. Once the infant was born, she refused to sign a DNR consent. The Federal District Court upheld her decision, so Fairfax Hospital was stuck with the astronomical cost of caring for the brainless child of a brainless mother.

Ethical issues raised The controversial court ruling raised questions about the definitions of death, personhood, and medical futility, as well as what constitutes appropriate allocation of limited resources; it also undermined the ability of doctors to make sound medical decisions. 

Actual name Stephanie Keene 


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